You may have read a lot of travel blogs about many places but there are only a few about this magnificent place called Sapa. Sapa is a memorable place that is simple yet very inviting. It has a homey like ambiance that tourists will truly love.

Where in the World is Sapa Valley?

You may be wondering where this piece of paradise is. Sapa Valley is a town nestled in Northern Vietnam. It is well known as Tonkinese Alps by locals. It is about 4,921 ft above sea level and lies in the mountain range of Hoang Lien Son in northwest Vietnam which is approximate the Chinese borders.

What’s not to love about Sapa Valley?

It is small but it has everything! What I love about are its breathtaking scenery with its rich rice fields, green mountain ranges and its colorful minorities and their culture. Although a rather small walkable town, the best way to explore it is by riding a motorbike. The place sells anything from souvenir stuffs, to clothes, tobaccos but one of the best thing I enjoyed the most is by having a really nice and relaxing massage.

What to See in Sapa Valley?

Aside from the natural beauty of Sapa, there are many places to visit like the Ham Rong Resort that is built for tourist attraction that features lots of orchids in its European styled garden, restaurants, viewpoints and it even has dance performances from its ethnic minority.

Another place to go to is the Sa Pa Cultural Museum which is located at the back of the Tourist office. In here you will learn the history of Sapa, the traditions and costumes of their ethnic minorities.

Aside from the 2 attractions, you should check the Town Hall building and Sapa Square where you will see old colonial buildings that marks the French colonial era like their church. During evenings, you will get to dances or local gatherings held at the square or you might get a chance to play da cau which is a foot badminton with the locals.

Things You Can Do in Sapa to get authentic Sapa travel experience

There are plenty of things to do in Sapa. I have listed down some of the best things to enjoy while you are in this beautiful rural area:

One thing I enjoyed the most is to just look at the beautiful sunset on my hotel balcony while enjoying a cup of delicious coffee or simply just drinking beer. Continue reading “AUTHENTIC SAPA TRAVEL EXPERIENCE”

2017 Best Golf Laser Range Finder Reviews for New and Experienced Players

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Choosing Softball Gloves For Position: How To Get The Right Softball Outfielder Gloves

Adjacent to a ball and a bat, FASTPICH softball gloves have been another basic bit of gear. Softball players have to clutch and catch the ball appropriately, so having a decent softball glove is an absolute necessity for a softball catcher. However, much the same as with whatever another bit of donning rigging, there are various styles, materials, and brands, which can settle on the decision overpowering. By doing a research, you may locate the most suitable FASTPICH softball gloves which can fit your position. The info of softball outfielder gloves can also be found in here.

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What You Need To Learn About Fly Fishing Waders


The decent waders may be the most important gear of fly fishers. With all different features and options available in the market today, buying the good pair can definitely be time wasting. We try to make a simple process for you, and then you can save much time for fishing in the water instead of looking for something on the screen.

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