2017 Best Golf Laser Range Finder Reviews for New and Experienced Players

2017 Best Golf Laser Range Finder Reviews for New and Experienced Players

Wherever you look, the golf contraptions and items guarantee you can hit the drive straight, bring down scores, at the same time you’ll be the one much in envy of your golf amigos. Even though a golf rangefinder won’t fix your T shot, it’s is an unquestionable requirement for all of the golfer hoping to arrive their ball accurate.

All things considered, how might you hit the objective without knowing precisely how further away it is from you?

Our team has decided to list golf laser rangefinder reviews this year to assist you in finding a good gear for your game.

In case you’re a newbie to rangefinders, we have a nitty gritty purchasers control underneath. On the off chance that you officially possess one and you’re hoping to update or supplant, you definitely realize that the rangefinders are genuinely a game changer that completely help you with your scores.

We should jump into the surveys

Bushnell Laser Pro X7

Bushnell Pro X7 Tournament Edition

  • The rangefinder utilized by most of the professionals from the PGA Tour
  • Superior to the opposition in almost all element classes, the X7 is justified regardless of a genuine look.

Bushnell is rated as the best rangefinder with the top of the line Pro X7. It has a seven multiplied amplification which is as well as can be expected coexist with an exact 550-yard run. While the model V3 of Bushnell was a blockbuster for its incentive at the $250 value point, late value drops for the X7 convey it sufficiently low to warrant paying the additional $100 for what Bushnell names “the most intense rangefinder on the planet”.

There was a great deal of buildup around the Bushnell Pro X7 when it turned out, and all things considered. This range finder is one of the most exact you’ll discover available today, and just a couple of minor things to scrutinize. We cherished the X7 and I utilize it each time I play.

Pro X7 Golf Laser Range Finder: Sturdy and Attractive

This Pro X7 is somewhat greater than your ordinary rangefinder and it takes up the vast majority of the container. It arrives in a hard zip-case, like the category that pleasant sets of Bose earphones come on. Quality bundling is a decent indication of a good quality item.

The case includes a carabiner cut so you can use it to hang it from your sack. This ended up being essential in view of that size and the way that my pack is truly complicated and there’s very little space for it. We utilize an entirely little golf bag, much alike to this one, so there’s not a huge amount of additional space, therefore I abandon it joined to my sack. I can fit the X7 in the pack in the event that I didn’t stuff my shoes in after my rounds. Utilizing the clasp makes it simple to come back for it as I conveying my sack so I’m prepared as to shoot the separation before I even comethis show on the road to my ball.

Batteries Included – Ready to use

I didn’t understand it at first, yet the versatile circle gives you a chance to open its case without having to boisterously unfasten it while another person is amidst their backswing. It’s a savvy little component that demonstrates that Bushnell focuses on the subtle elements. This tender loving care makes me believe the X7 more.

Highlights By Feature

Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Rangefinder

Exactness to 0.1 yards when inside of the 125 yards

Having fantastic approach shots infers you ought to be dialed from the short range. The X7 model gives you the extra level of precision from 0.5 to 0.1 yard to give you more of the extra conviction. On the off chance that you’re not a mind boggling golfer, you might not be adequately correct to rely on this precision, but instead I find the exactness to provide me some extra trust in the number. We love having the gear for the 40 heave shot that we practice continually. I’m pretty dialed in with it therefore the extra 14 jerks of precision can have any sort of impact in the event that I’m attacking with a stick region.

Seven x Magnification

The seven x intensification that Bushnell passes on the best accessible. The extra intensification enables us to shoot a pennant from an extent of up to 550 yards. It alsoassistyou in evidently watching the inclination and the green which suggests you can use better concentrates on your approaching shots. There’s furthermore a dial for noting the point of convergence on it basically like a camera.


I find myself tend to play level courses so it’s an amazing feeling having the ability to go the standard on Par 5’s from way out, regardless of the way that you for all intents and purposes simply require around 300 yards. That extra weight has settles it in case you have sensitive when you’re shooting.


Most battling models are recently rainproof. I don’t expect putting this under an amplifying glass with the unit anyway I like having that protect if I happen to drop it in a water danger by some methods.

Clear Display Technology

These are some help technique for saying it mends to the show in perspective of the measure of light shown around you. They are 4 settings, with 4 being the brightest. This changes when you’re playing during the evening and would favor not to detonate the round shooting negligent.

Sturdy, durable

This is overpowering diverged from an extensive part of the range finders you’re used to.

Above are our best golf laser rangefinder reviews. We hope it has been of use to you and wish you do well on the golf course

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